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Aspire Tote

Finally, a stylish handbag

to bring your lunch to work

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The insulated food compartment zips open at the bottom to store your lunch. Separated from the main compartment, it keeps leaky food containers from making a mess.



It’s more than just a lunch purse. You can bring your lunch, your laptop, folders and anything else you need in just one beautiful work tote.



The Aspire tote is a multi-functional bag that allows you to take everything you need with ease and look professional. In our opinon its the best womens work bag.


You face small challenges every day. you need to streamline your life and make things easier—and that doesn’t include being overloaded with a bag for each aspect of your life. Perfectly suited for your commute, Our handbags are made with the modern, driven woman in mind. We’ve married functionality and style for bags that are as strong and beautiful as you are.

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