The Aspire Tote


The Modern Essentials "Aspire" Tote is smartly designed to carry all your daily needs from the office to the gym to the lunchroom. With its unique and separate food compartment, it streamlines your look and your day.  Bag measures 14” high, 16.5” across the top, 13” across on the bottom and 6”deep.

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Fully insulated, the food compartment zips open at the bottom of the bag store your lunch. Separated from the main bag it protects your personal items from messy or leaky food containers. If you’re headed to the gym, this is a great place to store workout attire or an extra pair of shoes.

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Tired of bringing multiple bags with you each day to accommodate your busy lifestyle? If you think about it, why not have just one bag that works as hard as you do? With the Aspire Tote, you can bring your lunch, your work, and anything else you need in just one beautiful bag.

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Just because you value function doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice fashion—the modern woman knows she can have both. The Aspire is a multi-functional tote that allows you to take everything you need and look good doing it. What other professional tote can say the same?


Are you ready to simplify your every day with the Aspire Tote?

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